【 - Nick Kuchar - Sticker 】

"Nick Kuchar" - Sticker

Color: ”VanLife" BLUE
Size: 5inch

Nick is popular artist and lives in Hawaii. Creates vintage inspired surf and travel art featuring our favorite locations of Hawaii. He gets inspiration paddling out at surf breaks and going on hikes. He takes onsite sketches and photographs into my studio where I use a mix of acrylic washes and digital illustration to bring my vision of these locales to life.


"Nick Kuchar" - ステッカー

色 ”VanLife" BLU(ブルー)
  ”HOE WA'A" ORG(オレンジ)

サイズ 約12.5cm

ハワイのオアフ島在住「Nick Kuchar」は、ハワイではもちろん日本でも大人気のアーティストさんです。
  • 880円(税込)